What does it mean to be giving up your male privileges while transitioning between Shoes ( Genders )

07:17:00 Avni Kashyap 0 Comments

Staring at someone with an urge of your thirst , no fear of walking through lone streets at night, The manpower to fight, Independent for your girlfriend & parents. No hassles of wearing any outfit any time or how am I looking question and many more what are these, these are what you will be living without for rest of your life.

From now onwards maybe you’ll be taunted by the comments about your look , or many more . For the trans womens the transition comes with the cost of losing the privileges that they were used to have since they were born. It's really not that easy for anyone to get used to it. At least not for me. Your life will be totally different. But, does it matter. I guess if you feel like being born in the wrong body. Then if you had born as what you suppose to be then those privileges wouldn't had been with you since then.

If you’ll see what you are losing then you may not be able to feel the joy of what you have gained by becoming. Now you have corrected the loop that had started in wrong path since your birth , and you should be happy about that , I really like being in the attention I get from people around me. It really feels good like this is what I had missed since my school days and now finally i’ve got it. I’ve someone who cares for me , for what looks good on me and for me.
In India while travelling in the busses we have a tradition like the Grown-up man offers their seat to the old person or a lady who is standing, that feeling makes me realize everyday that how blessed i’m that I got a chance to become me at this age. The compliments on my look. And finally the person who completes me .
If look through all this journey you'll find that though you have lost something becoming you , but you have gained many things as well. The increased  caring & love  by your parents and the family. And the most important is that love & respect for yourself that you have gained by walking through this embers.

So instead of being angry from what you have lost , love what you have achieved.

You are free to share your  experiences here if you would like to.